Cloud based
software solutions

Control your operational costs with Sono's cloud-based e-commerce solutions (SaaS). Only focus on growing your business with a powerful, flexible and scalable structure.

eCommerce Shouldn't Be This Complex

The eCommerce solution you use to grow your business should be easy to understand, and should offer new opportunities for you and your employees, not new challenges. Let us work together to increase your sales on the internet with a comfortable user interface and integrated marketing solutions.

Remember Your Distribution Channel

Don't settle for B2C (business to customer) solutions. Bring your business processes with your dealers to the internet with Sono's integrated B2B (business to business) solutions.

Internet Store Knowledge and Experience

It is the knowledge and experience that makes you to stand out from millions of online stores. A wide range of processes, from your sales strategies to human resources, has a direct impact on e-commerce success. Use the experience of professionals to create added value for your business with Sono's online store portal.